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Son Goku cosplaying as the Red Hood by Jasontodd1fan Son Goku cosplaying as the Red Hood :iconjasontodd1fan:Jasontodd1fan 9 5 Killer Frost (New Earth) by Nova20X Killer Frost (New Earth) :iconnova20x:Nova20X 31 4 The Avengers III: Kree Empire (MCEU) by KingCozy7 The Avengers III: Kree Empire (MCEU) :iconkingcozy7:KingCozy7 11 3 Future Flame. by NoXV Future Flame. :iconnoxv:NoXV 15 12 Earth27:Re- Justice League by treforable Earth27:Re- Justice League :icontreforable:treforable 23 3 Spiderman - Homecoming by DraganD Spiderman - Homecoming :icondragand:DraganD 35 2 Injustice: Jason Todd by Jasontodd1fan Injustice: Jason Todd :iconjasontodd1fan:Jasontodd1fan 13 10
UAU #7: The Avengers 2.0? (The Ultimates)
I don't have a lot of time, so this will be a short one. Here we go.
In 2007, Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter sped away to go meet up with the rest of their team after a climactic battle that had been a turning point for Tony's side in the Registration Act War (Civil War). However, the last of Sharon's mind control programming left in her brain after being held captive by Hydra for five months kicked in and she shot Steve. The car flipped off the road. Iron Man found Captain America lying on the pavement with a bullet in him. Steve and Sharon were taken into custody, where their shrunken team had also been apprehended to; the Raft. They would come to discover that Steve would never walk on his right leg properly again. 
In 2011, people still troubled after the events of the 'Civil War', something terrible happened. People learned that the people they looked up to, people and superheroes across the world were imposters. They had been replaced with Skrulls. Aliens. Masters of di
:iconcoldsnap7:Coldsnap7 4 8
Wearing a hoodie by Jasontodd1fan Wearing a hoodie :iconjasontodd1fan:Jasontodd1fan 11 9 River Song meets the 13th Doctor by Jasontodd1fan River Song meets the 13th Doctor :iconjasontodd1fan:Jasontodd1fan 8 16 Red Hood by AleDominique Red Hood :iconaledominique:AleDominique 9 2 Swinging Through. by NoXV Swinging Through. :iconnoxv:NoXV 45 7 Into the Fray. by NoXV Into the Fray. :iconnoxv:NoXV 14 5 Future Barry and Jay by Jasontodd1fan Future Barry and Jay :iconjasontodd1fan:Jasontodd1fan 16 0 Red Hood and Arsenal by Jasontodd1fan Red Hood and Arsenal :iconjasontodd1fan:Jasontodd1fan 13 9 Jason and Kara by Jasontodd1fan Jason and Kara :iconjasontodd1fan:Jasontodd1fan 17 6

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